Woman using netClé at work.

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User Guide

Welcome to netClé!

netClé is a user-friendly customizable device that enables people with a range of mobility limitations to independently operate a computer. In addition to the netClé hub, the device comes with a variety of connectable sensors, switches, and other input devices allowing users to operate electronic devices with touch or movement from a single digit or limb. At the heart of the netClé hub is a hardware-printed circuit board attached to a micro-controller. This makes it possible to combine several input devices to tailor the device for each person’s unique needs.

We’re here to help you to make the best use of the netClé. Your device is ready to plug in and set up using the online Configuration Tool. This guide contains important information and tips to help you get started. We are also available to assist you as you use the device if you experience difficulties or need it adjusted to enhance it for your needs.

netClé Setup Guide

Using netClé

Some of the functions that netClé can be used to perform include:

  • Moving the cursor: up, down, right, and left
  • Left & Right Mouse Click
  • Scrolling up or down
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Keyboard actions (including key combinations)



Where is the best place to install the lights on my mobility device?

It depends on your needs! If you just want to personalize your device, anywhere exposed should be fine, as the superior brightness of the lights is sure to increase your visibility and vibrancy. From a safety standpoint, specifically raised illumination (Aerial) and lower-level lighting (Strips) are recommended. Stay tuned for photos and diagrams that feature suggested effective light installation configurations on a variety of devices.

Installation Manuals