netClé (pronounced net-clay) is a unique customizable device that makes computers and laptops more user-friendly for people with mobility limitations, allowing them to stay connected and maintain their independence. Since early 2019 with funds from the federal government, the Tetra Society has been developing netClé with the goal of being able to offer an affordable finished product.

What is netClé?

netClé consists of a small hub and a variety of connectable sensors, switches, and input devices that allow users to navigate a cursor with a touch from a single digit or limb! At the heart of the netClé hub is a hardware-printed circuit board attached to a micro-controller that supports multiple input devices.

The unique hub controller is customizable and can operate a range of computer commands and functions to suit user needs.

Some actions netClé is able to perform include:

  • Moving the cursor across the screen: up, down, left, right or diagonal (with joystick)
  • Left and right mouse click
  • Scrolling up or down
  • Drag and drop
  • Keyboard actions (including key combinations)

netClé features include:

  • A variety of input devices are available in two kits to suit individual needs.
    • joystick with interchangeable knob and goal post handle
    • single and dual touch sensors
    • compact button switch
  • USB connection for easy connection to computers and laptops
  • Sound indicators can be turned on for people with limited vision

The customizable nature of netClé makes it suitable for individuals with diverse needs, abilities and purposes. This ultimately provides users with increased independence and freedom of activity.

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