Sunny Hill Pledge-a-light

In late November, the TetraGear team installed the first round of LED lights at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children in Vancouver, BC! As you may know, back in May a number of supporters pledged to our Kickstarter campaign to provide TetraGear lights for children in wheelchairs at Sunny Hill.

Thanks to the generosity of our backers, we were able to outfit the first nine children’s wheelchairs with a set of lights. We worked closely with the kids and their parents to make sure they got the lights they wanted: some preferred the Strips Trio, while others opted for the Aerial Plus.

The response from the children and their parents was amazingly positive: not only did they all love the features and brightness of the lights, but also the cool factor was very high! And, without exception, all of the parents expressed their deep gratitude to our backers for making this program possible.

We will have more installation sessions at Sunny Hill in the near future so that all the pledged lights get to deserving children!