Kickstarter Light Delivery Process to Start Next Week

We are happy to announce that we will start shipping lights out next week!

As the engineering team continues to work tirelessly to assemble the first batch of lights, we have received our packaging boxes and supplies. This is what 700 boxes look like before they are folded!

The lights will be shipped out as they become ready, with the Strips Duo and Strips Trio coming first due to supplier delays for some of our Aerial components. We will do our best to ship lights in chronological order (by Kickstarter backer number), and we anticipate that it will take until the end of November to get through the entire backer list. We apologize that this process will take slightly longer than originally posted.

In the meantime, we are still accepting pre-orders for the next batch of lights, with projected delivery in December.

As always, we send thanks to our backers for their patience and support. We hope everyone will enjoy their lights when they receive them!